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A Little More Dirt!

  • Large Natural Playscapes

  • More Outdoor Time

  • Play in the Rain

  • Mother Nature Beats Technology


It is proven that children who spend more time outside have enhanced mental capacities, greater motor control, enhanced imaginations, and superior creativity.  Magnolia Preparatory Academy has over 3,000 square feet of natural playscapes and outdoor learning spaces that focus on creating settings to enable the type of play most important to children: social play and constructive play. Our natural playscapes encourage our students to experience the smells, textures, and wonders of the natural world.   Children enrolled in our preschool, half-day, and before and after school programs will get dirty, stay active, and be inspired by nature every day!


A little more dirt means a little more MUD!  We strongly believe that there is no such thing as bad weather, but rather bad clothes!  Our students will experience all aspects of mother nature, including the various weather conditions.  Our students do not shy from rain and the rare snow flurry!  In fact, our preschool provides all of our children with the proper gear to enjoy all elements of weather and create the ever-popular Mud Pies!  

More dirt also means LESS TECHNOLOGY!  Magnolia Preparatory Academy classrooms are technology-free.  We want our students to realize that the REAL world is much more exciting than the virtual world.  Our students will focus on building relationships and learn through hands-on exploration as opposed to watching videos on smart devices.

a little more dirt at Magnolia Preparatory Academy
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