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Nutrition and Meals

Magnolia Preparatory Academy recognizes that each child is different, and so are their taste buds!  This is why we give parents the freedom to choose.  Hot, healthy lunches are made fresh daily and included in all tuition costs.  However, parents also have the option to pack their child's lunch from home!

We partnered with Roadrunner Food Services to provide our students with nutritious lunches that are made with 100% organic fruits and vegetables.  


Mealtime is not just about filling our tummies!  We see this time as an opportunity to work on social skills and table manners.  Our family-style lunches promote self-regulation and put children in charge of their own healthy choices.

Snacktimes are also seen as an opportunity to learn!  Children are encouraged to prepare and serve their own snack items each day.  By the time they are two, kiddos are learning how to independently wash their own tableware as well!


Our continental breakfast is offered between 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM and consists of healthy food options including fresh fruit every day.    

Nutriton and Meals Magnolia Preparatory Academy
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