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  • How will your school deal with COVID?
    Great question! See our COVID-19 page.
  • Will there be cameras in my child’s classroom?
    Our goal is to always keep your child safe! Although we do have security cameras in our classrooms, hallways, playgrounds, and parking lot, they are on a closed circuit, and thus cannot be viewed off campus in a live-streaming mode. These cameras are only available to our management team while on the school premises and in live time. We do not record classroom footage or share videos with persons outside of the management team. We do have an open-door policy and welcome parents to stop in to check on their little one at any time. All classrooms have windows that allow parents to view their child from the hallway without having to enter and disrupt the valuable learning taking place inside the classroom!
  • What is included in our tuition rates?
    Tuition costs cover the balanced learning curriculum and the superior care that your child receives at MPA. We provide all our children with a continental breakfast, healthy snacks throughout the day, and a nutritional lunch. Children will be assigned individual cots and bedding to use during quiet times. Children enrolled in the Infant program will receive a small diaper and bottle tote. Those enrolled in our Toddlers through Pre-Kindergarten programs will receive a MPA tote. Children who are two years old and older will receive one uniform shirt as well. Also included in the tuition costs is the rain gear needed for your child to enjoy all aspects of mother nature!
  • Will I be able to tour the school and meet the teachers before we start?
    We are eager to meet you! We are planning to offer tours and open house events during the month of May. During the same time period, we will be diligently training our teachers and filling our classrooms with manipulatives, books, and exploration gear to prepare for your little ones in the summer. We will follow the CDC guidelines on COVID restrictions, and thus may have to have private tours and Meet N Greets with our families. We will have more details as we get closer to our opening date! All families who have reached out to the MPA team will receive invites to any events in their Inbox. We will also post all upcoming event information on our Facebook and Instagram page.
  • Do you have potty-training requirements for your classrooms?
    We pride ourselves on respecting a child’s right to just be a kid! That includes their right to potty train at their own rate. When you and your child are ready to venture into this exciting stage of development, we will support you in any way that we can. We do not exclude any children from our program or restrict them from moving up into older classrooms, simply because they are not yet potty-trained.
  • Do you have a room for breast feeding mothers?
    Of course. We have a private, calm room located near the Gym/Cafeteria for mothers to utilize throughout the day if they wish to breast feed their child, or simply sneak in some cuddle time during their lunchbreak.
  • Will my child go on field trips?
    Children enrolled in our Pre-Kindergarten class will begin taking adventures outside the four walls of Magnolia Prep Academy! Our Elementary age children will also venture out during public school holidays and breaks. There may be COVID restrictions in place that prevent some field trips from occurring.
  • What kind of training will my child’s teacher have?
    All of our staff members are highly trained in quality care and safety for young children. Each member of our team is CPR and First Aid certified for infants and children. Our staff also receives continous training in areas such as the developmental stages of children, supervision and safety practices, positive guidance and discipline, emergency preparedness, preventing and controlling the spread of communicable diseases, and prevention of SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome. The CDC and Texas Health and Human Services Commission requires all childcare staff members to take an additional Special Considerations for Infection Control during COVID-19 training in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our staff members will also be supervised and guided by our Owner and Director each day. Our owner has many years of experience in and out of the classroom, along with her Texas Education Certification in General Education and Special Education. Our Director has over 25 years of experience in early childhood as a teacher and administrator and has Child Development Associate Credentials.
  • What does it mean to be aligned to Katy ISD and CFISD?
    One of the reasons our owners steered away from opening a Franchised school, is that their curriculum is almost always written in a state outside of Texas. We feel that children growing up in Katy, who wish to enter the public school district, should receive a curriculum that is written for Katy kids! Our staff utilizes the Frog Street Curriculum, which is not only created in Texas and aligned to the TEKS, but it is also the same exact curriculum that your child would experience if they were enrolled in the Katy or Cy-Fair Independent School District Pre-Kindergarten program. We are also owned and operated by a Texas Certified Educator who has three children who are currently enrolled in the KISD elementary and middle school programs.
  • Why is nature play and instruction so important to my child’s development?
    Great question! Please see this amazing video.
  • What are "I Love You Rituals?""
  • What is "Baby Doll Circle Time?""
  • Why is "Risky Play" Important?"
  • How are classroom assignments decided?
    Classroom assignments are based on each child’s chronological age, developmental age, emotional age, and physical age. Magnolia Preparatory Academy will transition children to new classrooms in order to meet the individual child’s needs.
  • What is the schedule for the Half-Day Programs offered in Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten?
    Half-Day programs are offered for children entering our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten programs. These classes will follow the Katy ISD calendar each year, including scheduled holidays and the summer break. Drop-off for this program will begin at 8:45 AM and Pick-Up will begin at 2:15 PM. Half-Day programs will begin on August 18th and end on May 26th. The 2021-22 KISD instructional calander can be found at
  • What are the classroom ratios?
  • How will I know what my child does each day?
    Lesson plans for the week will be posted outside of each classroom. Daily activities will be listed for each subject matter. Additionally, each classroom schedule will be posted inside the classroom for parents to view at drop-off and pick-up. Pictures of the children’s activities will also be shared on monitors outside of the classroom doors or shared through the Sandbox app directly from your child’s teachers. Questions about your child’s day may be sent directly to your classroom’s teachers by using the Sandbox app as well. We want our teachers to remain fully engaged in their instruction and interactions with our students, and thus do not require them to stop throughout the day to complete daily reports for each child. However, temporary adjustments may be necessary to supplement the restrictions and prevention practices put in place to help fight the spread of COVID 19. Adjustments will be shared with parents as they are adopted. The Infant Classroom is the exception to rule. Due to the nature of the care requirements for this age group, families will receive daily reports through the Sandbox app stating feeding, nap, and diaper changing times for their baby.
  • How will you ensure that my child is safe in the building?
    Our owners are committed to the safety and security of all children and staff members attending Magnolia Preparatory Academy. We have installed a security system that monitors our property in and outside of the building. Upon registration, parents of actively enrolled students are issued RFID Magnetic Cards (key cards). Key cards are the only way to enter the learning portion of our builidng (classrooms, caferteria, gym, etc.) Parents may authorize alternate forms of drop-off and pick-up; however, these caregivers will be escorted to the classrooms by a Magnolia Team Member. Visitors must log-in with the front office staff and obtain a Visitor’s Badge in order to enter the building past the reception area. Visitors will then be accompanied by a Magnolia Team Member as they navigate the building. We also have security cameras in each classroom that is monitored by our Management team. Anyone employed by Magnolia Preparatory Academy must pass a Background Check and will be fingerprinted before encountering any children in our care. Additionally, all staff members will be CPR and First Aid certified before left unsupervised with children. Magnolia Preparatory Academy follows the same comprehensive safety plan as all Katy ISD schools. This Standard Response Protocol is highly recommended by the Texas Education Agency for all schools and organizations nationwide. Magnolia Preparatory Academy conducts monthly fire and emergency/evacuation drills to practice all safety protocols.
  • What are your hours of operation?
    Monday-Friday from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM.
  • What are your tuition rates?
    Our tuition rates vary by age, number of days per week and full or half-day programs. Click on the Enrollment page on our website to send an inquiry for tuition rates and availability or call us at 281-505-1640.
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